St Matthew's Primary School & Nursery

School Vision & Christian Values

“You are the light of the world” Matthew 5:14

St Matthew’s is a warm and welcoming school where children and adults feel a strong sense of belonging, make positive contributions and are valued as individuals.  This is a place underpinned by Christian values where children learn respect for themselves and others. A pupil of St Matthew’s School belongs to a culture of safety, happiness and success in all areas of learning

Every member of the school ensures that St Matthew’s is inclusive for children, staff and parents. The children feel that they belong and know that their ideas and opinions are valued and listened to.  Just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament, our School Council plays an important role to ensure pupil voice is prominent in the school.  Children understand British values and understand their involvement in whole school decisions.  Our House system helps to provide a sense of belonging across all age groups.


Our dedicated and supportive staff team has high expectations for all children and is always willing to take on new initiatives and challenges.  Our community extends far beyond the school gates and we have strong partnerships and support from individuals and organisations based in our local area, as well as nationally and globally.



As a Church of England school, our Christian ethos underpins every aspect of life at St Matthew’s. Our daily acts of collective worship are an integral part of the school day and music is at the centre of school life.  The strong links with our parish church and our weekly School Mass for Key Stage 2 classes provide an inclusive, inspirational and spiritual foundation to our school. 


We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to flourish and succeed and we take time to ensure each individual child is given the best possible support to do so. We aim for children at St Matthew’s to believe in their success, to love learning and become lifelong learners.  We encourage our children to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve the best they possibly can.  We aim for all children to think individually and take responsibility for their actions and to acquire skills which will equip them for the rest of their lives. We believe in a positive partnership with parents and carers to encourage our children to be aspirational and fully engaged in their learning. 



We are firmly focused on ensuring the best possible outcomes for our children. We are ambitious for every single child and prepare them for life beyond St Matthew’s.  We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards, year on year, so that every child succeeds.


We value achievement across the curriculum and encourage children’s individual talents and strengths. Our curriculum aims to engage and enthuse all learners so that they are able to transfer skills in all areas of their learning. We utilise the talents of staff, parents, governors and other members of our community to provide the best possible learning experiences for the children.   In the heart of Westminster, the school uses the rich local resources to benefit and expand children’s horizons and enrich their whole primary school experience.


The well-being and achievement of each individual child is at the heart of life at St Matthew’s.


Our School Christian Values

 "You are the light of the world."















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